Patient Information

In February 2017 NICE gave the provisional approval for the use of TARGIT IORT in the treatment women with early breast cancer.

The funding of this treatment from NHS England is still being sought and should be in place by Summer 2017. For each NHS patient with breast cancer the treatment with TARGIT IORT costs about £500 less than traditional radiotherapy techniques.

TARGIT IORT has full approval for selected private or insured patients in the UK by medical insurance companies.

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It is important that you have the opportunity to research and read about TARGIT IORT using reliable, accurate information.

Click here for a downloadable patient information leaflet that has been produced by Prof Vaidya, Mr Coombs and the TARGIT IORT specialists in London. It is the approved information leaflet provided to all patients who are due to receive IORT in the UK.