How is it given?

IORT is given during your surgery, while you remain asleep, under general anaesthetic. It adds about 30 minutes to the operation.

It allows your specialist to deliver a focused dose of radiotherapy into the space where the breast cancer had been. This means that the radiotherapy is accurately targeted within the breast. This method avoids the potential damage to the skin, heart and lungs from traditional radiotherapy.

You do not feel any effects from the radiotherapy and there are no additional scars on your breast.

Step 1

Your surgeon removes the cancer from the breast, leaving a small space.

Step 2

A ball-shaped radiation applicator is placed precisely within the breast cavity, at the site of tumour.

Step 3

A focused dose of radiotherapy is given into the breast, avoiding damage to the skin, heart and lungs.

Step 4

The applicator is removed and the skin closed.