IORT Facts

TARGIT IORT has been extensively tested in clinical trials over the past 15 years. The TARGIT-A trial, included 3451 patients treated in 33 hospitals in UK, Europe, USA and Australia and this trial compared IORT with traditional radiotherapy.

Compared with traditional radiotherapy, TARGIT IORT has only minimal side effects. When given at the time of surgery the five-year survival rates are similar (93.9% TARGIT IORT versus 92.9% traditional RT).

While women with certain tumour types (hormone positive) may be more suitable than others, patients with estrogen receptor negative tumours, or those who are HER2 positive (Herceptin receptor positive) may still be offered intraoperative radiotherapy. The use of IORT is these patients call allow a boost of radiotherapy to the breast at the site of the cancer and reduce the number and durations of traditional radiotherapy treatments.